Modern Slavery Statement

Deprivation of the fundamental human rights and dignity of employees due to modern-day slavery and human trafficking activities at work is a serious offence that has an adverse impact on the community and society. These can include but is not limited to employee working unethical hours, deprivation of rest breaks and underpayment of wages.

It is important to note that the Intrinsic care group is zero-tolerant to any form of slavery or human trafficking activities and would not condole any form of these activities within or around our business and services as this is not in line with our core values and ethos which includes fairness, sincerity, caring amongst others.

We are fully in-line with Section 54 of the modern slavery act 2015 which was enacted by the British government to put an end to any form of exploitation of employees which strips them of their human rights.

It is also vital that any contractor or business working with our service reads and fully understand our policy on the topic and can recognise steps to take based on this policy together with our whistleblowing policy if an observation is made which depict traces of modern slavery or human trafficking taking place which may include employees showing signs of withdrawal, confusion and being frightened at work based on psychological or physical abuse.

Please note that if we have reasons to believe that any worker from your organisation in contractual agreement with ourselves as contractors, shows any of the signs above, we will have no option but to terminate your contract with us and take legal action against you.

Steps taken to ensure Intrinsic care are compliant with section 54 of the modern slavery act 2015

  • Policy and Procedures:

    Ensure all staff members and service users read and understand our policy and procedures on modern slavery and human trafficking and also our whistleblowing and complaint policy. This ensures both employee and user services are well informed and can spot signs and traces of withdrawal caused by human rights violation and report it.

  • Dealings with Contractors:

    We ensure that all contractors working with our service have read and fully understand our stance on the topic and would take action against their organisation if traces of violation of human rights is noticed or observed. For clarity on our policies and procedures on slavery and human rights violation, our Anti- Slavery Officer Amy Roberts should be contacted.

  • Training:

    Training both online and onsite are available yearly to staff and contractors which ensure that our service remains Zero-tolerant to any form of slavery and human right violation.

  • Statement updates and Publishing

    We would ensure procedures taken to maintain compliance with section 54 are followed and the statement is updated and published on this site annually.

  • Report Modern slavery concerns:

    We would ensure that any raised concern regarding the slavery and human rights violation would be shared with the designated authority within 24 hours. Please see our procedure on reporting for more details.

  • Safer recruitment:

    We would ensure safer recruitment procedures according to our right to work checks policy and procedure is followed. This would ensure all employee has gone through a rigorous procedure which includes identity check, DBS check, BRP check, work permit check and references. This reduces the likelihood of employing any staff which could be exploited or subjected to modern slavery and human rights violation.

This statement is to be reviewed and updated annually and is based on the legal acts and regulations stated as follows;

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 Section 54

Health and safety at work Act 1974

Human rights Act 1998

The health and social care act 2008(Regulation amended in 2012)

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